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10 Essential Props for Product Photography to Increase Sales


Consumers want to see your product. They want to see it from different angles, in different situations, and when they’re in use. Liven up your shoots with these essential props for product photography!

#10 Sliced fruits

Citruses like oranges, limes, and lemons are great for adding color and an air of freshness.

#9 Flowers and plants

Botany aplenty! Grab artificial plants, dried flowers, seeds, herbs, and spices for added interest.

#8 Day-to-day items

Props like laptops, watches, books, and pens to emphasize your product as a daily necessity.

#7 Beads and gems

Set too drab? Add glass or acrylic beads and gems for their different shapes, opacities, and colors.

#6 Tableware

Introduce mason jars, enamel tea cups, ceramic dishes, or glasses to spice up bland-looking products.

#5 Light sources

Set the mood with candles, fairy lights, or vintage-style bulbs. They make great bokeh material too!

#4 Frames

Use these to hang up or frame small jewelry, or to organically include text or images in your shot.

#3 Fabrics

Towels, blankets, scarves, rugs, and more can quickly add texture to a flat-looking set.

#2 Tiles and wallpaper

These can mimic wood, granite, and other materials in a photo. Use them as a base or a backdrop.

#1 Plexiglas sheets

A must-have! Use these as a base for clean mirror-like reflections or to light glass from below.

These essential props for product photography are an excellent starting point for any collection. Just remember that props must thematically match and complement your actual product.

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Photo Source: Pexels

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