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Amazon Listing Photos Guideline 2024


Product photos are one of the first things shoppers see, and studies have shown that consumers frequently base their purchasing decisions on these images. For a leading marketplace like Amazon, it can even determine whether a user clicks on your listing at all.

So why take chances? Here are some guidelines sellers must follow.

Amazon photography key elements you need to know

While you can find the full guideline here, the full list could seem daunting and under elaborated. Here are some of the must-know elements we have compiled.

  • Know the technical requirements
    This applies to all main listing photos for your product. One simple mobile-friendly trick is to make your image 1500px height by 1000px. Your image will take up significantly more space on the mobile search.
  • Use a plain white background for the main photo.
    Keep it simple! A white background helps users identify what you’re selling. For the main photo, always use a white background photo.
  • Have perfect lighting
    Shoot indoors with lighting equipment to avoid shadows and over-exposed highlights. You can use reflectors to fix that.
  • Focus on the product
    Fill at least 85% of the photo frame with your product. Keep everything in focus, if you are using a DSLR camera, you should use a low f-stop, aka aperture, such as f/9. 
  • Avoid unnecessary edits
    Yes, you can use text, logos, and graphics on your photo, but select them carefully. You don’t want to overcrowd your canvas with too much information. This will also make your product look cheap.
  • Use photos from lifestyle users 
    You can also include photos from customers or influencers.

 Don’t skimp on these Amazon photo guidelines if you want to get your products listed! Remember, Amazon is strict about these requirements and you don’t want any delays in your product launch!

At Nexlon, we’ll take care of your photos so you can focus on your business. For as low as $15 USD, you can get professional Amazon-ready photos that will help boost your sales.


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