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Photography A/B Testing To Increase Sales


So, you have a bunch of great product photos. All that’s left is to upload everything and watch the customers line up, right? Not really. This post will show you how to do photography A/B testing to increase your sales.

What is photo A/B testing?

It lets you determine which photo is more influential for your visitors. You can, and should, run this experiment for other variables like page layout, copy, pricing, and more.

How can I do photo A/B testing?

Product photography shoot of shoes


Follow these steps to test a live product listing:

  1. Use photo A (control) as your main image for two weeks.
  2. Note how many sales it received.
  3. Update the product listing to use photo B (test).
  4. Run the updated listing for another two weeks.
  5. Compare sales data for both periods.

Depending on what platform you are selling on, for example, on eBay, you should create two similar listings with two different sets of photos. Remember to read the guidelines of each e-commerce platform so that you don’t get penalized for having duplicate listings.

Set a campaign and let it run for 7, 14, and 30 days. Compare the data to find out which photo attracted more sales. Remember, you should always use high-quality images that reflect the unique selling points of your products. For example, on Amazon listings, you are allowed to post up to 7 photos, you should make good use of infographic designs to showcase your product.

What can I test?

1. Product images, angles, and focus

Which photo angle, lighting setup, product color, or product size works best? It is always recommended to use a plain white background as the main image especially you are an Amazon seller.

Cosmetic gold tube with on pastel background. Beauty product still life commercial ad photography.

Cosmetic cream white tube with on pastel background. Beauty product still life ad photography.

2. Background styles

Should you feature more lifestyle photos or close-ups of your product? It depends on your brand direction and platform of sales. If your brand features a minimal approach, you can simply add light colors to its background. If you are an e-commerce seller on Amazon, you will need to feature the main photo with white background.

Concept of organic vegan non dairy milk with glass milk bottle and bulk products

3. Number of photos

How many photos should there be in your listing? Certain online selling platforms limit the number of photos to be featured in the listings, for example, on Amazon, you are only allowed to upload up to 7 images. Remember Quality over quantity. Give enough information about the products instead of flooding consumers with endless images.

4. Lifestyle photos

Lifestyle photos are crucial to the success of your product because they connect the products to your customer. Buying online means customers are not able to touch and feel the products, with the right lifestyle photos showcasing the products in use or a real-life setting, customers will be able to visualize the product and thus increase their intention to purchase.

Our final thoughts…

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do photography A/B testing to increase your sales. The only initial barrier is having a diverse pool of images in the first place, and that can take a lot of time and planning.

As product photography specialists, Nexlon Studio already knows the types and number of images needed to succeed in e-commerce. Leave it to us so you can better optimize your business.

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