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How to Set Up Your Own Studio


Anybody serious about e-commerce must invest in their product photography. Oftentimes, that means a dedicated area to shoot in. Before you start, here are some pointers on how to set up your studio.


  • Plan for space
    The equipment takes up room. Find an area that is approximately 100 sq. ft (9.2 sq. m) to photograph items on a table.
  • Think about light
    Natural lighting is free but is prone to color shifts. For accurate catalogue-style photos, consider studio lights instead.
  • Look around
    Walls and ceilings painted in red, green, or purple can reflect tinted light. Repaint in flat white or neutral gray if necessary.


  • Studio Lights
    Your most important asset! Strobe lights are preferred and you’ll need at least two lights.
  • Light Modifiers
    A softbox is ideal for product photography. Get reflectors, snoots, and colored gels in the future.
  • Backdrop
    A curved backdrop creates seamless backgrounds. Use white paper or fabric work if there are no creases.
  • Tripods and Light Stands
    You need stands for your camera and lights to achieve the desired height, angle, and distance.
  • Camera
    A DSLR with a quality prime or zoom lens delivers better detail and sharpness than your phone.

Now that you know how to set up a studio, you should look up some product photography tips too.

But having a studio is half the battle — mastering lighting is key! At Nexlon, we’ve been shaping lights for years. Consult our specialists to learn how our studio can make your items look their best.

Photo: Pexels

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