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We flipped on the lights of our Hong Kong studio in 2013.

Thanks for stopping by! We’re Nexlon, product photography specialists who believe in delivering great photos at great prices. Things didn’t exactly start that way, though. Like any growing business, we’ve been through quite a few changes.

We flipped on the lights of our Hong Kong studio in 2013, covering a wide range of photo styles and subjects to serve the East Asian market. Hong Kong has a rich history, culture, and love for photography, and we greatly enjoyed working with all our early clients.

In 2016 we focused exclusively on product photography.

However, in 2016 we had to make a tough strategic decision: to pivot exclusively to product photography. E-commerce was on the rise and in it, we saw an opportunity to grow our business and hone our talents. Bidding goodbye to our cozy Hong Kong studio, we packed up and left for Shanghai, China.

Things have never been the same since.

In 2019, we opened our first international studio in the UK. This year, we moved to an even larger studio in Shanghai, China.

To date, we’ve helped clients large and small build a robust product photo catalog to meet all their business needs. From office retail company STAPLES to Amazon FBA entrepreneurs and independent sellers, we’re proud to have played a part in everyone’s e-commerce journey.

Let’s do this together.

So, how about it: Shall we play a part in yours, too? Nexlon will be the same as we’ve always been – no fuss, no hidden charges, no upselling. Just great photos at great prices.

Talk to you soon!

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